Y&R’s Newest Newlyweds & Life After in GC

Y&R’s newest newlyweds have promptly exited the Abbott Estate. Too many newlyweds under (1) roof, apparently. Yet there’s too much drama to come after the latest nuptials in Genoa City, WI…

Abby’s Mother Marries Her Babies Dad

Um, so why aren’t Young & the Restless talking about this more? Abby Newman (Melissa Ordway) & Devon Winters (Bryton James) now have a baby together, are living together, & now have parents that are married.

Y&R's newest newlyweds, Devon & Abby attend.

Ok, this arrangment is not super gross, but it’s at least a little awkward.

After all, Ashley Abbott-McCall’s (Eileen Davidson) brother Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) has been involved/married/involved with his son’s wife-for-now’s mother Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford).

Yes, yet again, Y&R fans have seen this movie before when it featured Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) & Summer Newman (Allison Lanier).

This time, however, there is a baby. The baby has a legal dad & a sperm donor dad. To top it off, Abby, Devon, & their biological baby are living in their baby’s first appointed & legal baby daddy’s family’s mansion.

Certainly, nothing can go wrong here…

Um, sarcasm Y&R fans, much sarcasm….

Y&R’s Newest Newlyweds vs Jack & Diane

Finally, the latest story of Jack & Diane has been topped. Jack & Diane got married. Tucker McCall (Trevor St. John) & Ashley called their impromptu marriage & raised them a legitimate ceremony that was not inside a courthouse.

The newest newlyweds in Genoa City on Y&R.

Then not 10 or so minutes after that, Tucker & Ashley moved out of the Abbott Estate & into the Genoa City Athletic Club.

Now the Abbott Estate will be without laughter yet again & one less couple making out on the living room couch & Ashley & Tucker can do what they do…or, don’t do.

Will it be easier for Ashley to keep track of her new husband with them living at the GCAC? How will their business shenanigans unfold??

Has Simply Ashley Become Too Simple?

Does Ashley really love Tucker? Or, was marrying Tucker McCall motivated by the thrill to stick it to her brother Jack & to drive Diane out of Genoa City?

The newest newlyweds in Genoa City on Y&R.

In light of Jack’s wedding gift to Ashley, her portion of Jabot, what will motivate Ashley to instigate dynamite business moves with her new husband Tucker McCall?

Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) has come to terms with Diane Jenkins-Abbott remaining in Genoa City. Phyllis Summers has to be okay with Diane remaining in GC as she’s on probation & will end up in the clink if she does anything wrong, supposedly.

That leaves Ashley Abbott-McCall & her unhealthy obsession with Diane. What do you think will happen next? How long do you think Ashley & Tucker’s marriage will last?

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