Y&R’s Kyle Loses His Mind, Nothing/No One to Hide From Summer

Y&R’s Kyle loses his mind this week. Someone check the GCAC Lost & Found because WOW. Though still married to Summer, Kyle thinks he has nothing to hide.

In Case You Missed Last Week’s The Weekly #WTF on Y&R…

Seriously, WTF was up with Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) bragging to Audra Charles (Zuleyka Silver) about sleeping with Ashland Locke’s (Richard Burgi) then wife Tara Locke (Elizabeth Leiner)?

Now Kyle is somehow okay with being seen together in public at the GCAC with Audra when he knows his wife is also staying there.

Miss Audra Charles is not on board with going public with her private time with Kyle but she is open to being professional alongside him in public…

…& this week’s Weekly #WTF on the Y&R

Kyle Loses His Mind, Totally Disrespectful & Unemployed For Now

Kyle Abbott lost his mind this week on Young & the Restless.

He totally went from an entitled idiot to whatever the next level of being a total inconsiderate entitled a-hole is.

Kyle loses his mind on Young & the Restless

Within just one week Kyle followed up sleeping with Audra Charles with beautiful flowers & diamond earrings with a personal note. In true shortsighted Kyle Abbott fashion he placed his personal order for Audra in public using his cell phone to a vendor both he & Summer have used multiple times before.

Kyle Abbott followed up that sequence of dumb decision-making by declining a job offer from his father Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) at Jabot after he was forced to resign at Marchetti.

Now Kyle is thoughtlessly cheating on his wife & unemployed.

What could possibly happen next?…

Kyle Interviews to Be Audra’s Next Colleague With Benefits on Y&R

Y&R Fans, remember Audra & Tucker McCall’s (Trevor St. John) ‘Colleagues with Benefits’ arrangement? Well, we’re about to see that movie again & this time it stars recurring actress Audra Charles & her incoming colleague Kyle Abbott.

Supposedly no one in Genoa City knew about Audra & Tucker’s personal arrangment. Heck, no one knew where Audra was staying when both the Grand Phoenix & the GCAC were open at the same time.

It’s not Audra Charles’ first day, but at the same time, it seems she does not realize that her pending colleague with benefits has totally lost his mind.

Audra doesn't realize that Kyle Abbot has lost his mind on Y&R

Your Thoughts About This Week’s Weekly #WTF on Y&R?…

If Kyle Abbott is not respecting his marriage with Summer Newman (Allison Lanier), what makes Audra Charles think that he will respect her request to keep their personal relationship private?

Genoa City executives that frequent the GCAC will surely notice Audra & Kyle enjoying beverages & talking Newman Media business if Kyle does take the job.

Which Genoa City Athletic Club guest to you think will first catch on to Audra & Kyle’s personal & professional relationship?

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