WTF on Y&R? Bad Boy Kyle Abbott, Best Thing Ever (NOT)

Bad Boy Kyle Abbott is the best thing ever… Sure, he’s the best thing ever just like him leaving Jabot & his wife were the best things to ever happen to him.

Young & the Restless fans know full well that not much about Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) is the best thing ever, including his mother Diane Jenkins (Susan Walters) being called the best mother ever.

Make. It. Stop. Now.

(Recap) The Last Weekly #WTF on Y&R…

WTF was up with another dose of same-old-same-old for Young & the Restless fans last week.

The Newmans should know better after all these years & so should the Abbotts.

It’s time to move on & now it’s time for…

This week’s Weekly #WTF on the Y&R

Bad Boy Kyle Abbott is In Charge (NOT)

Y&R’s Bad Boy Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) thinks he’s living the life of Smilin’ Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) back in the day when Jack was rotating ladies & fending off The Mustache.

Bad Boy Kyle Abbott, License Plate Jabot 1 on Y&R.

Um, not so much…

Kyle Abbott took it upon himself to threaten Detective Chance Chancellor (Connor Floyd) after he arrested his mother Diane Jenkins (Susan Walters) for killing Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford).

Chance Chancellor was not intimidated one bit by Kyle, & neither was anyone else.

Kyle Threatens Jack & Diane w/ Harrison

This week Kyle took it upon himself to threaten Jack & Diane with moving out of the Abbott Estate with his son Harrison. Seriously, #WTF.

Back when Kyle’s wife Summer Newman (Allison Lanier) thought Kyle’s mom Diane Jenkins killed her mom Phyllis, it took forever for Kyle to take action.

When Kyle did take action, he moved his little family into the Abbott Pool House, which really wasn’t moving.

Where in the world did Kyle really think he was going to move with Harrison & his nanny? The Genoa City Athletic Club?!?

Jack Takes Kyle Seriously, Bye Bye Billy

There’s always an exception to every rule. In the case of buying into Bad Boy Kyle Abbott & whatever impromptu nonsense he decides to spew & do, his father Jack Abbott buys in.

Jack Abbott is now considering letting his brother Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) from his Co-CEO position at Jabot.

Since Kyle suggested it, it’s a great idea, right?

Billy Boy Abbott & Bad Boy Kyle Abbott, Y&R

Jack & Diane would love it if Kyle would leave Newman Media & return to Jabot. Kyle will consider if Jack oust Billy & Kyle can have his old job as Co-CEO back.

Billy Boy Abbott is about to get the short end of the stick yet again.

Bad Boy Kyle Abbott Claims to Be Single

Seriously, is it possible that Kyle Abbott could be more dumb?

Kyle Abbott has been sleeping with Audra Charles (Zuleyka Silver) at the Genoa City Athletic Club for a while now.

Per Nikki Newman’s (Melody Thomas Scott) Audra & Kyle can no longer sleep together, but they are & will continue to do so until they get caught, apparently.

Nikki Newman scolds Audra Charles on Y&R.

Um, Audra Charles is living at the GCAC along with almost everyone else in Genoa City. Someone with the last name Newman or Abbott or that has anything to do with a Newman or an Abbott will see Bad Boy Kyle Abbott head up &/or downstairs from Audra’s suite.

Ergo, Audra & Kyle should be ousted from Newman Media within a week or so because this cover up doesn’t cover anything up at all.

The Weekly #WTF on Y&R Wrap-up…

Nearly every week it seems Kyle Abbott goes from dumb to even dumber. How is this possible?

What do you think of Bad Boy Kyle Abbott comparing himself to back-in-the-day Smilin’ Jack Abbott?

Is Kyle Abbott finally dumbed down to the max? Or, is there yet a new low he can reach?

What if Audra Charles ends up pregnant??…

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