World Elephant Day – 12.8.23 |

World Elephant Day 12 August 2023

World Elephant Day has been allocated to 12 August. Just about every day of the year there is a day for something. Most don’t catch my attention or my interests but this one did.

Elephant are simply amazing creatures. When you see them in the wild, a sense of wonder sweeps over you and you can’t help marvel over these awe inspiring creatures.


Elephants are extremely intelligent, emotional and highly social creatures.The social structures  and sense of family within the elephant kingdom is complex and wonderful.We can learn a lot from them.

Elephants in the wild can live up to 70 years and their ears can reach up to 1.5 to 2 metres wide. When the you observe the ears flapped, they act as big fans and it also acts as  cooling the blood that runs close to the surface behind their ears.

 The elephants have sensational memories and this is one of their hallmarks.The  Matriarchs will remember the trails and watering holes and how to navigate them during the seasons.What is amazing about this , is that this knowledge is handed down from generation to generation.This one acts ensures their survival. Without this knowledge, their search for the waterholes would be fruitless and it would be pot luck in finding the waterholes.Their navigational senses are seriously mind blowing.


Not many would know that when the herd is on the move , their pace is determined by the slowest member. They will maintain that pace in order to keep the herd together and to protect those who are slower in their walking.When you see them in the wild, you will pick up on this  and when you kn0w this fact, it will always stick out to you.

What will always stay with me  is that given their massive size, it is amazing that they are totally vegetarians. You wouldn’t think that just eating grasses, etc will make a creature grow as big as it does.

When you get the opportunity to see the elephants in the wild, there will always be moments that you treasure and will leave a lasting impact on you. The picture above was one of those moments when young male elephants were playing in the river. Their playful nature is adorable and there is a sense of innocence.






Their trucks are their most valuable tool .They  pick up objects and at the end of the truck, and the ends of the truck acts like our fingers.They use it to eat their food.When alerting for danger and greeting their herd they  trumpet . It’s also used drink as well. Not only do they suck up their water in their trucks but they also use the truck for bathing as well. They will also spray themselves with mud . This serves two purposes. One is to protect themselves against sunburn  and the other, it helps keep the mosquitoes at bay.

To all of the elephants out there, thank you for the joy that you give us all.

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