When USD 600 million star Tom Cruise lost his role to Johnny Depp in iconic 90s movie due to weird questions he asked

Iconic roles are often coveted by A-list actors, and the casting process can be a rollercoaster ride of auditions, negotiations, and unexpected decisions. One such fascinating story revolves around Tim Burton’s beloved fantasy gothic film, Edward Scissorhands. While Johnny Depp eventually won hearts with his portrayal of the titular character, many may not know that Tom Cruise was originally in contention for the role. However, Cruise’s relentless questions about the character’s mundane aspects led to him parting ways with the film’s creative team.

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Tom Cruise almost got the role of Edward Scissorhands

Tom Cruise, renowned for his brilliant acting and numerous blockbuster films, has made a name for himself as one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Throughout his career, Cruise has taken on various challenging roles and has a track record that speaks for itself. However, despite his impressive resume, becoming a part of certain movies has proved to be a challenge.

Edward Scissorhands, a Tim Burton masterpiece, is a fantasy gothic film that captured the hearts of audiences around the world. The film’s central character, Edward, is a unique and enigmatic individual with scissors for hands, portrayed brilliantly by Johnny Depp. What many people might not be aware of is that Johnny Depp wasn’t the original choice for the role. Before Johnny Depp was cast, Tim Burton considered several other A-list actors, including Jim Carrey, Tom Hanks, and even the legendary Michael Jackson. However, it was Tom Cruise who emerged as a top contender, alongside Robert Downey Jr. but the former’s star power and acting prowess made him a strong candidate for the role, but an unexpected turn of events changed everything.

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What bizarre question did Tom Cruise ask?

Tom Cruise’s journey to potentially becoming Edward Scissorhands took an unusual turn. It wasn’t his acting abilities or star status that caused the deviation but rather his relentless questioning of the character’s mundane aspects. Cruise, in a bid to understand the character on a deeper level, began pestering the film’s screenwriter, Caroline Thompson, with a series of perplexing and, at times, bizarre questions.

One particular query that left Thompson and the creative team flabbergasted was Cruise’s curiosity about how Edward Scissorhands would use the bathroom. These inquiries delved into the character’s everyday life in a way that the team had never contemplated. The delicacy of the story, as envisioned by Tim Burton and the writers, was centered around not answering such mundane questions. Scissorhands was a fantastical creation, and the character’s quirks were part of the charm.

In Thompson’s own words, “[Tom] wanted to know how Edward went to the bathroom! He was asking the kind of questions about the character that can’t be asked for this character! Part of the delicacy of the story was not answering questions like, ‘How does he go to the bathroom? How did he live without eating all those years?’ Tom Cruise was certainly unwilling to be in the movie without those questions being answered.”

The decision-making process became clear at this point. Neither Caroline Thompson nor Tim Burton were willing to entertain or provide answers to these questions, which seemed oddly out of place for a character like the now-iconic gothic character. Ultimately, the creative differences between Cruise and the film’s team became insurmountable, leading to the actor’s departure from the project.

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