Wanna Feel Old? Carson Daly Reflected On 25 Years Since His MTV TRL Debut

Back in the day, when YouTube wasn’t an option and Twitter was nearly a decade away, MTV’s TRL was the place to be for the hottest music videos in pop culture. Debuting in 1998, Total Request Live was Carson Daly‘s big break on the small screen. Now, 25 years after the show first hit the airwaves, Daly reflected on his TRL hosting days, and I officially feel ancient. 

TRL tallied votes from viewers to count down the hottest music videos of the day, and launching in an era of pop princesses and boy bands helped to make it a huge hit. Episodes also featured celebrities who dropped by the set to chat with the host and promote their projects. Basically, Carson Daly was the face of pop culture for plenty of kids and teens in the late ’90s – early 2000s. In an Instagram post commemorating the 25th anniversary on September 14, Daly wrote: 

25 yrs ago today, before Instagram, TikTok & Facebook there was TRL. The 1st truly interactive, fan driven show on tv. It was my home for some of the best years of my life. I had the privilege to introduce so much to so many. Music, movies, celebrities, world events & more. All Live, everyday. I’m so grateful for that time & all of you who allowed me (and my T-Mobile SideKick) to be apart of your life. I hope this finds you happy & healthy 25 yrs later. Hey, I wonder if that Backstreet Boys fangirl who yelled at me is still mad? Lol…Good times.

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