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I was recently pointed to the Letterboxed account for The Bear star Ayo Edebriri, and she has been leaving some hilarious reviews for films that will have you laughing. She’s got quite the sense of humor and seems like the kind of person it would be super fun to watch movies with! You can tell that she freakin’ loves watching movies!

I just wanted to share some examples of the reviews she’s been leaving:

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back:

“This movie is great but I was really shocked by how ugly Yoda was sorry if that pisses anybody off but I had only seen baby Yoda and adult Yoda is f**king busted.”

Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile:

“What would you do if you opened your door and a crocodile in a little scarf that sang like Shawn Mendes was there? Literally what would you do!” 


“I can’t believe I’d never actually seen a movie until I’d seen M3GAN. Wow. This is the first movie I’ve seen with my eyes. Wow…… I’m giving it 4 stars but I know in my heart this was a 10/10. I’m going to make my children watch this. I’m going to have children just so I can make them watch this.” 

Beau is Afraid:

“Ari Aster, if you read this, please DM me!! I would like to connect you to a prayer line! It is a phone number where anywhere from 4 to 13 menopausal, Afro-Caribbean, Pentecostal women from the church I grew up going to will pray with you and FOR YOU on the phone for however long you need. You just dial in. You don’t even have to speak! There is NO pressure. Let them pray for you! Ari, DM me! Please!!! Let these women lay spiritual hands on you! Contact me ASAP!!!”


“Watched this bc it’s on a marquee in the background of a shot in Bridge of Spies. It’s so funny that their hair is all like that.”


“This how y’all be acting about me on this damn application.

Jurassic Park:

“Nope nope nope! would’ve minded my business and died!”


I liked the movie. 

But to the person at the Roxy with the red hair, blue jacket, pink shirt and yellow pants who came out the bathroom stall and locked eyes with me before I went in? Man. 
You are going to hell. 
I have never seen that much pee left on a toilet seat before in my life. And on the floor?! That was about a water bottles worth of pee, just everywhere. That is insanity, you are an adult. Sometimes life is crazy, I don’t deny you that, but you looked me dead in my eyes. You knew what you did! How’d you flush in good conscience? Like, what were you flushing? Did any pee even make it in the toilet? Didn’t even attempt to wipe any of the piss off. Just whole entire puddles and droplets left behind. And we expect to win the midterms? With this type of human disarray among us? Good luck to us all! 

But yeah, I liked the movie. Happy Halloween, y’all.

She just brings some great humor to her reviews, and I appreciate that.

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