The Almighty Victor Newman, (5) Powerful Quotes

The Almighty Victor Newman will do everything in his power to do anything he wants whenever he wants.

Now again at the helm of Newman Enterprises, let’s look back at The Mustache doing what Victor Newman does…

Almighty Victor Newman, King of GC

The Almighty Victor Newman doesn’t lie, except for when he does.

Usually, when Victor lies he is doing everything in his power to protect his family…

Victor Newman, children, Y&R

Here, however, The Mustache is 100% on point. The Newman Family is a constant force in Genoa City on Young & the Restless.

Others in Genoa City have tried to one-up the Newmans so many times over the last 40+ years of Y&R since fans got to know The Almighty Victor Newman.

Though it’s hard to admit in Genoa City, the Newmans always win.

The Mustache Always Has a Plan on Y&R

Victor Newman, most often known to his long-time rival Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) as The Mustache always has a plan.

In fact, who knows if Victor Newman has been married more times than he’s been arrested or arrested more times than he’s been married?

Regardless, The Almighty Victor Newman is alive & well in Genoa City & always has a plan.

Victor Newman, Y&R

As of late, he’s still boxing & most recently has reclaimed the C-suite & it’s chair at Newman Enterprises.

At least off-screen, Eric Braeden who plays Victor is 80+ years old.

How long before the boxing stops??

Victor Newman’s Darling, Nikki Reed

Victor Newman’s darling & other times called Victor’s baby is Nikki Newman, formally Nikki Reed, who has almost always been played by Melody Thomas Scott.

Have Victor Newman & the love of his life finally been married for the last time?

Victor & Nikki Newman on Y&R

What seems like a million years ago, Victor Newman met Nikki then Reed as a striper. They connected & damn… look at Nikki now.

Even if somehow at this point Victor & Nikki were to separate, there is no doubt they would reconnect. Victor & Nikki have been through so much & they always find their way back to one another.

Without Nikki, Without Family to Protect

Over & over, Victor Newman declares that he will do everything in his power to protect his family.

Victor Newman, Y&R

Young & the Restless fans often wonder on social media if Victor is really sincere when he declares this intention. Time after time Victor Newman pits his children against one another.

Does Victor Newman pit his children against one another to simply have reasons to swoop in to rescue them & remain their hero??

The Almighty Victor Newman, His Pawns

The King of Genoa City, otherwise known as The Almighty Victor Newman is always playing chess.

Victor Newman plays chess, Y&R

Whether Victor Newman sits at his game of chess at The Ranch or he’s wherever else planning his next move, there is at least one pawn being taken out.

Most recently Victor Newman sacrificed Sally Spectra (Courtney Spectra) from his apparent made-up interior design division at Newman Enterprises.

Sally Spectra has exclusively been having sexual intercourse with both of Victor’s sons Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) & Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) for months.

It’s apparent that this has not pleased The Mustache.

Sure, Sally supposedly just skipped a between-the-sheets beat with Adam (just) once after being with Nick supposedly full-time.

Y&R fans know how that shook out & we’re just a few episodes away from a Sally & Adam reboot.

Back to The Almighty Victor Newman… Do you LOVE or HATE him? Why??

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