Stream Flamenco & Spanish Dance from Spain’s 26th Festival de Jerez

Last weekend the foremost flamenco and Spanish dance festival in the world – the Festival de Jerez – may have lowered its curtains on its 26th edition, but aficionados from around the world still have a little time to enjoy five fantastically diverse flamenco productions filmed live in Jerez, Spain and streamed by the American platform Third Row.

MORENOMORE l María Moreno. Photo © Óscar Romero

Streaming until March 11 – Maria Moreno’s More (No) More.  

Maria Moreno proves with sheer energy and pure exuberance why she is one of the fastest growing names in flamenco.  More (No) More is not only a clever play on her name, but a production that reminds us that even when we think we’ve reached the limits of that which we are physically capable, we can always dig a little deeper and find that extra bit of fight that allows us to do MORE.

Streaming until March 12 – Ana Morales’ On the Tightrope

Ana Morales makes her provocative statement on mood and balance.  From the intimate and emotional to the frenetic and savage, Morales crafts a contemporary flamenco work of raw strength and energy.

Photo of Ana Morales

Streaming until March 15 – The Pablo Gimenez Spanish Ensemble & Irene Morales in En Tierras de Jerez

Four musicians and a flamenco dancer gather in the patio of a XVI century palatial home to render an homage to the Jerez of past and present.  With no need for a narrative thread, the Pablo Gimenez Spanish Ensemble performs a score inspired by flamenco and Spanish classical traditions but with the introduction of a nontraditional element, the cello, while guest artist Irene Morales brings the elegance and the fury of a dancer honed in Granada. 

Photo of Angel Rojas

Streaming until March 14 – Angel Rojas Flamenco Dance Project’s Ser Baile

Flamenco is a sum of its parts.  Haunting vocals, the hum of vibrating guitar strings, earthy, resonant percussion and the flutter of a dancer’s hands and feet come together to create more than just music or dance.  With enviable sincerity, Angel Rojas shows us these parts and how they come together to make something even greater than the whole.

Streaming until March 21 – Rosario Toledo’s Playeras

The beach is a place where mother nature meets human nature.  From joggers to sunbathing to beachcombing with a metal detector, Rosario Toledo – in her typically humorous fashion – explores all the reasons why we love the beach.  Set to a jazz score, this flamenco dancer takes a deep dive into uncharted waters with a show that breaks boundaries.  

For the second year in a row, the Festival de Jerez, Third Row and production company ToritoMedia have joined forces to broadcast five performances that can be viewed anywhere in the world and are available on-demand for fifteen days following the stream’s release date.

Tickets and additional information can be found at:

Streaming elevates both the festival and the participating artists by dissolving financial barriers as well as those imposed by the global COVID-19 pandemic. During this transitional time, as many theatres and performing arts centers are struggling to return to normal, artists will not tour as widely as they have in the past and opportunities to experience these works will be severely limited.

This Festival de Jerez and Third Row collaboration is a rare opportunity to see some of Spain’s finest and most lauded performers debuting their newest projects safely and comfortably from anywhere in the world. At the same time, streaming offers artists the opportunity to reach new audiences.

For the affordable ticket price of $20 USD for a single show or $75 USD for all five performances, flamenco lovers can discover new work and connect with the artists they adore. 

Featured image: MORENOMORE l María Moreno. Photo © Óscar Romero

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