Southern Charm’s Madison LeCroy and Patricia Altschul are dancing besties

Patricia Altschul and Madison LeCroy selfie.
Madison LeCroy and Patricia Altschul are up for dancing. Pic credit: @madison.lecroy/Instagram

Southern Charm stars Madison LeCroy and Patricia Altschul are besties for the restie.

The blonde bombshell and Miss Patricia have been friends for years and see one another at least once a week, as Madison is her hairdresser.

They have done some fun things together, including a sleepover and hanging out on the town while enjoying a meal.

Miss Patricia always supports Madison and was very happy for her when she announced her engagement to Brett Randle.

Now that the couple is married, Madison still manages to find time to hang out with Miss Patricia and keep her laughing.

Their most recent endeavor was dancing on TikTok, and Southern Charm fans are here for it.

Madison LeCroy and Patricia Altschul try a TikTok dance

Over on Madison LeCroy’s TikTok page, she convinced her “bestie” Patricia Altschul to do a TikTok dance with her.

Not only were the two a little off on the choreography, but they were also having a great time together. She teased a better one to come, though.

It seems Madison likes to bring out the fun side of Miss Patricia, and their light-hearted friendship is fun to watch.

Madison LeCroy and Patricia Altschul are both returning for Southern Charm Season 9

Season 9 of Southern Charm is already being likened to Season 10 of Vanderpump Rules’ Scandoval. Thankfully, neither Madison LeCroy nor Patricia Altschul are involved in this one, but you better believe they’ll have their opinions.

The main focus of this season will be on Taylor Ann Green and her possible hook-up with Austen Kroll following her split from Shep Rose.

Madison has teased that her husband, Brett Randle, may appear after opting not to participate in Season 8. Her storyline seems to revolve around a possible pregnancy, as the trailer hinted she thought she could be pregnant. However, after seeing her and Miss Patricia dance, that doesn’t appear likely.

Don’t count out Miss Patricia this season, either. She spills the tea about someone sending nudes, and Southern Charm fans wonder who she is talking about in the trailer. And, of course, there’s bound to be an update on the butler situation, as Whiney had been her stand-in butler after Michael suffered a stroke and couldn’t return to work.

It seems Madison and Miss Patricia will keep viewers entertained both on and off the screen in the coming weeks.

Southern Charm returns on Thursday, September 14, at 9/8c on Bravo.

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