RL Grime and Juelz Team Up for Massive New Tune, “Breach”

If you listen closely you might hear thousands of hungry trapheads around the world whispering to themselves – “Is it RL Grime szn?”

Whether it’s full RL Grime szn or just a taste, new RL Grime music is good for the soul. “Breach” is a new collaboration between Sable Valley mastermind RL Grime and Juelz who just released an album oon the imprint.

The second you press play on “Breach” You’re off to the races and you won’t have time to catch your breath until the clock hits zero. The drums hit like bullets, the trap drop will have you wanting to flip every table in the vicinity, and the acid-inspired breakdown at the end will have you wondering where the hell you are in the best way possible.

Let’s hope RL Grime Szn is here.

RL Grime & Juelz – Breach | Stream


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LISTEN: RL Grime & Juelz Team Up for Massive New Collaboration, “Breach”

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