Riverdale’s Stars Share Their Sweet Memories With Luke Perry Ahead Of The Series Finale

After seven seasons and countless kooky storylines, Riverdale will officially air its final episode this week. The seventh season of the ARCHIE Comics-based series exudes plenty of nostalgia, which was a given due to the backdrop and story arc. It takes place in the 1950s and in a new timeline (and has seemingly been building to something). As the show reaches it conclusion, one can’t help but think of major moments and people that influenced the teen drama. One important individual is  cast member and Fred Andrew actor Luke Perry, who died at 52 in 2019. Now, ahead of the finale, several members of the cast are sharing their fondest memories of Perry.

The principal stars of the long-running series took part in a lengthy exit interview with Vulture, and talk eventually turned to the late Luke Perry. Madelaine Petsch shared some particularly warm thoughts about the beloved actor. She specifically discussed how he predicted Riverdale‘s longevity and overall position within the cultural landscape before the series even premiered:

I had a long conversation with Luke Perry about this at Comic-Con when we first booked the show because he was on 90210. I asked him, ‘What is this ride gonna be like?’ And he said, ‘Nothing like you’ve ever imagined, but I promise you, it will be the last of its kind.’ Luke was an oracle for me and for a lot of the people on the show, especially in guiding us during those first two years of chaos and confusion and the rise to success. I think he’s a huge reason why the show is where it is today.

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