Ray Hodge pours confidence on us all with his empowering drum-and-bass-inspired anthem “Betcha Can’t Do It Like Me”

Sending out confidence vibes to every single listener, Ray Hodge doesn’t hold back for his awesome track “Betcha Can’t Do It Like Me”. As a proud black queer artist, Ray Hodge has given us all this incredible black-empowering pride anthem that we’re totally adding to our playlists because Black History Month and LGBTQ+ Pride Month are all year-round and not just for a single month. This acts as Ray Hodge’s first single of 2023 and is the follow-up to his previous single “Tremendous”.

Ray Hodge, a black queer artist hailing from Jamaica, Queens, NY, fearlessly channels his personal experiences through a captivating blend of pop-rock, soul, dance, and indie. His self-released “Braveheart” EP made waves with the emotionally charged track “I Am King”, which garnered viral success and found placement on the Oprah Winfrey Network drama series and NAACP Image Awards winner “Queen Sugar”. This breakthrough opened doors for Ray Hodge, earning him recognition from esteemed outlets like The Source, Billboard, Afropunk, Hiphop DX, and more. With a magnetic stage presence honed through performances at underground clubs in NYC, Ray Hodge’s powerhouse vocals and infectious personality take centre stage, captivating audiences. As he prepares to unveil his highly anticipated sophomore EP, Ray Hodge continues to delve into his life’s tumultuous journey, promising an honest, dark, revealing, and uplifting musical experience that encapsulates his story and invites listeners to embark on a remarkable ride of emotions. Get ready to immerse yourself in the compelling artistry of Ray Hodge.

Written, produced, and mixed by Ray Hodge, with Aire Atlantica handling the mastering, “Betcha Can’t Do It Like Me” is an upbeat drum-and-bass dance track that is high energy and full of power and confidence. Ray Hodge impresses with his vocals, giving a daring vibe as his flame burns bright. The chorus brings vogue-the-house-down-boots energy that we just know is going to hit the ballroom scene hard, as well as the raving clubs that need to spin this track. Not shying away from versatility, Ray Hodge shows his soulful emotional side in the heartfelt verses set to touch nerves and send chills right before the energetic beat returns for the chorus.

“‘Betcha Can’t Do It Like Me’ is the first song I wrote that’s claiming myself and vibing on my own level. It’s about just going in my studio, no plans, and playing whatever comes to you. No matter how different or crazy. It’s about catching a vibe and shaping my sound. The song is just a rundown of a random ass day in Jamaica, Queens, NY. My friends and I just running around doing crazy shit and having fun expressing ourselves,” Ray Hodge said. “At the time I was also watching a lot of older episodes of Powerpuff Girls and I was inspired by the theme song, and some old-school video game sounds from back in the day.”

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“Betcha Can’t Do It Like Me”, by Ray Hodge, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms. Look out for his upcoming sophomore EP which is set to be released later this year.

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