Official Trailer for ‘KillHer’ – Weekend Trip to the Woods Horror Film

Official Trailer for ‘KillHer’ – Weekend Trip to the Woods Horror Film

by Alex Billington
September 15, 2023
Source: YouTube

KillHer Trailer

“I want you to make sure you know what you’re getting into before saying ‘I do.'” Dark Sky has debuted an official trailer for an indie horror thriller called KillHer, another hip modern “what if it was also a hashtag” (#KillHer) film title. Mattie and her friends go on a weekend trip to the woods to plan Mattie’s wedding, settled near the camp of Mr. Rogers, and with no phone signal, their trip starts to turn into a bad idea when they start dying and a big secret is revealed. All these girls wanted was a killer pre-bachelorette party… and that’s exactly what they got! Ha ha. The indie horror film stars Jenna Z. Alvarez as Mattie, M.C. Huff, Emily Hall, Nicole Lovince, Tom Kiesche, Harrison White, Jack Schumacher, Ron Roggé, and Meredith Thomas. This is opening on VOD in October for anyone to watch – just before Halloween. This creepy mask person doesn’t look like their camper neighbor, perhaps one of them. This doesn’t look so good.

Here’s the official trailer (+ poster) for Robyn August’s film KillHer, direct from Dark Sky’s YouTube:

KillHer Poster

Four friends (Emily Hall, Jenna Z. Alvarez, Nicole Lovince, M.C. Huff) head out into the woods for a pre-bachelorette party. They soon realize the tent they’ve snuggled up next to belongs to a mysterious recluse named Mr. Rogers, rather than Jagger, and he is not a happy camper. Things only get worse when people start to die and a terrible secret is revealed among them. KillHer is directed by indie filmmaker Robyn August, his second feature after making the film Party with Me previously, plus tons of other short films and music videos. The screenplay is written by Tom Kiesche. It’s produced by Lan Kay, Tom Kiesche, Ned Kisner, and Ron Roggé. This initially premiered at the 2022 Screamfest LA film festival last year. Dark Sky Films will release August’s KillHer direct-to-VOD starting on October 20th, 2023 this fall. Who’s down?


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