Nic Hoult Explains His M:I-7 Villain Exit


At one time, actor Nicholas Hoult was set to star alongside Tom Cruise in the upcoming “Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part 1”.

“Mad Max: Fury Road” and “The Favorite” alum Hoult had landed the role of a key villain in the film, but then suddenly he had to exit the film, which quickly led to the role being recast with Esai Morales taking over – an actor nearly twice Hoult’s age.

In an interview with The Guardian on Friday, Hoult has now spoken more about the scheduling conflicts preventing him from starring in the film.

It turns out his commitment to Hulu’s “The Great” appears to be what prevented him from getting involved. The exit also followed a number of high-profile roles Hoult missed out on:

“I screen-tested for Batman and didn’t get it. Screen-tested for Top Gun, but didn’t get it. Then I got the call from Tom Cruise: ‘Hey, how about Mission Impossible?’ OK. Got it. Then I had to drop out because I was already attached to do some more of The Great”

Hoult and Pattinson apparently both screen-tested in costume for “The Batman”, with Pattinson ultimately winning. What role Hoult was going for in ‘Maverick’ is unknown.

Hoult can currently be seen in this week’s horror comedy “Renfield,” and will soon lead Clint Eastwood’s last film “Juror No. 2” and has a third season of “The Great” hitting Hulu next month.

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