Matthew Knowles – The Mother Of His Son Nixon Says She Often Cries When He Asks About His Father & Siblings: ‘Why Doesn’t This Person Love Me?’

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Matthew Knowles – The Mother Of His Son Nixon Says She Often Cries When He Asks About His Father & Siblings: ‘Why Doesn’t This Person Love Me?’

The mother of Matthew Knowles estranged son is speaking out.

In a recent interview, business professional Alexsandra Wright, who gave birth to the music producers son during his marriage to Tina Knowles-Lawson, opened up about her sons relationship with his father.

If you recall, back in 2013 Alexsandra Wright, 52, gained major notoriety after claiming and subsequently proving she was pregnant by Matthew Knowles, 71. At the time, the former Destiny’s Child manager was still married to his now ex wife Tina Knowles-Lawson, 69, who he shares famous daughters Beyoncé and Solange with. The scandal ultimately ended with the Knowles‘ divorcing, and possibly more unfortunately, left a young boy without a loving father.

Wright publicly discussed her woes with Matthew when her son Nixon was just a toddler, explaining that she was forced to sue for child support after going bankrupt and had to move into a mobile home. Now, Wright says that the 13-year-old son still doesn’t have any communication with his father nor his siblings, despite Beyoncé recently purchasing a mega mansion just 10 miles away from where they live. As we reported back in May, the “Renaissance” artist, 41, and her famous hubby Jay-Z, 53, just dropped $200 million on a weekend estate for their family of 5.

Reportedly, Wright stated about the situation:

“She (Beyoncé) is a billionaire and just bought the most expensive house in California, ten miles from where we live.



“But no, there has not been any contact…The pain still needs to heal.”

Continuing, the entrepreneur expressed that her biggest obstacle is explaining to Nixon why his father chooses not to be around. Sharing the emotional toll his longing has on her, she continued:

“My main concern has been dealing with a child that asks, ‘Why doesn’t that person love me?’…It’s a very human story and I sit in the bathroom and cry sometimes because I just don’t know how to help him be his own person.”

As if the feelings of abandonment alone aren’t enough, Wright claims that young Nixon is also haunted by relentless questioning from his school mates. According to her, Matthew has refused to meet his son since birth, though he does pay child support. Still, Wright says that kids will “straight up ask him” if he’s “the son” or Beyoncé’s half brother. She added:

“Nixon has never had the luxury of being a normal child. Being related to someone famous smothers kids like him and they lose their identity. They are so and so’s brother or stepkid.”

Alexsandra has also revealed how she has broken down and cried while listening to one of the star's hits

Alexsandra & Nixon

And continued:

“It’s hard for him to comprehend and he’s a quiet kid and very reserved. I tell him, ‘fame does not equal happiness’ so never covet what someone else has’. But it’s hard to see people living as billionaires. What does that kid think when I am working 16 hours a day and trying to get accounts paid? How does it feel?”

It seems Wright still does have some hope despite all the wrong done to her and her child. Elsewhere in the interview, the CEO stated that she believes conversations around the hurt that comes from humanness will be more prevalent in future generations due to the rise of social media. The single mother also remains adamant that she wants nothing more from the Knowles family other than to fill the void in her sons life. She reportedly concluded the interview with:

“I think Beyonce is a lovely person and she has never done anything to harm me…I don’t want anything from them. I just want my son to be free and to have a happy life.”


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