Lukas Ellenohn “Shake the World” Full Part…

Two seasons of footy from Damüls local Lukas “Luki” Ellensohn. A real all-rounder, Luki lays everything out with style, feast your eyes on backcountry hits alongside juicy park bangers.  Some sick night shots in here and a wild bank to to wall-ride session at 1:10.

Damüls got plenty of snow during the pandemic (we were lucky enough to get out there ourselves) and the lifts kept spinning, we’re stoked to see Luki making the most of it.  The pandemic and last three years general have not been easy on anyone.  Sometimes we need to shake ourselves to focus on what’s important in life. Luki states, that we must act together to preserve a world of peace. Right on!

EDITED BY Luzian Burgstaller

FILMED BY Thomas Stanglechner, Hidde Hageman, Luzian Burgstaller, William B. Graham, Jenny Schauerte, Pia Berchtold

Photo: Syo Van Vliet

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