Kyle Abbott Doubles Down on Being a Daddy

There is Y&R Speculation that Kyle Abbott doubles down on being a daddy after doubling down & cheating on Summer with Audra Charles. Is there another baby momma in Kyle’s future??

Kyle Abbott Doubles Down on Being a Daddy, More Sperm on Y&R

Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) & Devon Hamilton (Bryton James) may as well use their entrepreneurial spirits & efforts to create a sperm bank.

Cheating on committed lovers & spreading sperm are what Kyle & Devon have in common.

Kyle & Audra are obviously going to hook up at least one more time. Audra has already faked a miscarriage with Kyle’s wife’s brother, Noah Newman (Rory Gibson). It’s almost certain that there is almost nothing to stop Audra from faking a pregnancy if Kyle doesn’t knock her up on the up & up.

…& this might happen on The Young & the Restless…

Kyle Abbott Doubles Down on Y&R

Harrison Locke’s Baby Brother or Sister, Yet More PTSD on Y&R

There is going to be a point where Kyle Abbott always wearing a suit like his idiot father Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) will no longer be respected in Genoa City.

Kyle Abbott continues to carry on as-is & now is digging in even deeper to becoming yet even more useless & annoying.

How many more sexual encounters to you think Kyle & Audra will enjoy? Do you think Audra will become pregnant, or do you think she will fake it?

Audra Charles is certainly not a fool & is too smart for Kyle Abbott. Audra is using Kyle for something & it isn’t for flowers & earings…

Audra Charles ALWAYS Wins, Colleagues With Benefits on Y&R

Audra Charles has been busy keeping both her professional & personal options open in Genoa City since she arrived. Since Audra gave up on Noah Newman, she’s become even more relentless.

There’s no doubt that Audra loves to love.

Audra has loved Noah back in London. Then Audra loved her colleague with benefits for a time Tucker McCall (Trevor St. John). Now Audra is lovin’ Kyle Abbott.

While Audra hasn’t loved yet Adam Newman (Mark Grossman), they have shared bar banter at the GCAC. Is Adam Newman next for Audra Charles?

Professionally, Audra Charles is excelling at Newman Media, but how long will that last? If not for long, she has the freedom & charisma to hit up past & future lovers for the perfect position.

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