Judge Throws Out Case Regarding Ana de Armas Being Cut Out of 2019’s YESTERDAY

Ana De Armas Yesterday

Judge Dismisses Case Against Yesterday

U.S. District Stephen Wilson has dismissed the case against the 2019 film, Yesterday, which claimed Ana de Armas was supposed to be in the film.

Ana de Armas was cut from the movie, Yesterday,  but she was seen in the trailer. This may be true but a judge has ultimately opted to toss the case out of court. Fans of de Armas had been seeking about $5 million in damages because they were led to believe that de Armas was in the 2019 film. Danny Boyle directed the movie and, for certain reasons pivotal to maintaining the love story in the film, de Armas’s role in the final cut was eliminated.

Deceptive marketing practices may have been at hand in this case. However, there was no reason for the case to escalate given that de Armas was only in very few snippets of the trailer. This film was about a world where the Beatles never existed and only one man (played by Himesh Patel) knew about their songs and passed them off as his own. This character had a love interest (played by Lily James) and that story shaped the movie to be the romance that it was. The movie probably wouldn’t have worked as well if an alternate love interest (the one de Armas played) had been introduced in the final cut.

Fans of de Armas were dreaming if they thought that they would get five million dollars in damages over such a small oversight. Although there was some deception, the judge agreed that it was not at the level that had been claimed which would warrant such a huge payout.

Universal Studios which released Yesterday didn’t get too many complaints from moviegoers about the omission of de Armas when the film was released back in June, 2019. The movie received a healthy “A-” CinemaScore and made a whopping $73 million domestically and $80 million-plus overseas. Audiences had mostly been satisfied and the exceptions (who were a couple of de Armas fans) didn’t ultimately get to make money themselves from being upset about the choice that was made regarding the final cut of the movie.

The Beatles’ songs were at the focus of the romantic and hilarious Yesterday, making the movie highly entertaining. Even if somebody was, indeed, a de Armas fan, it would be almost impossible to not be even more charmed by the role the always terrific Lily James played in the picture. Most people went home happy and the couple that didn’t won’t be taking the case against Universal much further thanks to the judge’s decision to toss the case out of court.

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