Holy Guaca-meow-le: 40 Spicy Cat Memes To Add Some Feisty Feline Flavor To Your Taco Tuesdays

Oh hey Tuesday! You snuck up on us there. Normally we’re not your biggest fan, but today it’s Taco Tuesday, and we’re ready for a little kick to spice up our week. What better seasoning is there than some hilariously spicy cat memes?They’re just as funny as your normal, run-of-the-mill cat memes, but they have a little extra heat to them to make you laugh and maybe cry at the same time. Tears of joy, though, because we love spicy things, even if it burns a little bit.

Yes, we’ll pay extra for some gauca-meow-le. We’re going all out this Taco Tuesday and we are definitely going to overstuff our tacos and probably turn them into little kitty purritos. So get the extra-large tortillas because these super silly cat memes are here to make your Tuesay a fiesta!

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