HIMYF Season 2 Finale Review – Romance in a Hurricane

How I Met Your Father ended season 2 with a double dose of episodes, all spanning a hurricane in New York City, the perfect backdrop for plenty of drama to ensue. 

Jesse threw everyone for a loop, particularly Sophie, by announcing that he was moving in with his new girlfriend Parker. They literally just started dating! 

Sophie began to spiral, and though she was adamant that she was going to be supportive of the relationship, she ended up making a fool of herself by accusing Parker of being a shady drug lord. She somehow got Sid to go along with it, and while their sleuthing team-up was fun to watch, their theory crashed and burned rather quickly when Parker explained that she moved to town to take care of her sick mother. 

Sid acknowledged that he was simply emotional about the idea of his longtime roommate moving out, but Sophie couldn’t bring herself to admit why she acted in such a crazy way, simply saying she wanted the best for her friend. 

Of course, the truth is that she’s completely in love with him, a fact that she admitted in the second-half of the episode once Drew, who professed his feelings for her only to get shut down, revealed that Jesse wrote a song about her. 

Sophie confronted him about being a “coward” and not honest with her about his feeling, but Jesse informed her that she was also denying her feelings for months, which made her just as much of a coward.

Their little spat was witnessed by everyone at Pemberton’s because there’s no privacy when you’re riding out a storm in a bar. 

Jesse decided to brave the storm and be with Parker, while Sophie locked herself in the closet and moped. 

Eventually, Valentina, who has been urging Sophie to be honest about her feelings decided to no longer sugarcoat it—Sophie was too afraid to go after the man of her dreams even though there was no obstacle—like him not wanting to have children—standing in their way.

Sophie declared that she was finally ready to go “get her drink,” clarifying that her drink is Jesse, but she didn’t have to go far as she stepped out into the storm and ran right into him. Turns out, he had a change of heart the moment he arrived at Parker’s as he realized he wasn’t over Sophie. The two of them then laid out their biggest fears—that they would break each other’s hearts, and though there’s no guarantee that they wouldn’t, they decided to take a leap of faith and shared an epic, sloppy, and wet kiss right there in the middle of the downpour. 

Finally, am I right? 

While things ended on a high note for Sophie and Jesse, the same cannot be said for Hannah and Sid, which is honestly unfortuante considering that they’ve kept them together all this time only to have them hit a rough path once they are finally living in the same city. 

All this time, Sid could’ve been single, and we could’ve seen witnesses his dating adventures. Instead, he was reduced to somewhat of a side character in the series, always teaming up for random storylines with the others because there was no way to utilize him while he was in a long distance marriage. We could’ve seen him explore his feelings for Taylor because they actually had a real spark!

How I Met Your Father Season 2 Finale Episode 19 and 20 Recap Hurricane Jesse and Sophie Romance

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Sid was willing to forgive Hannah’s kiss with Eli because he understood the toll that long distance takes on a relationship having experienced it himself, emotionally cheating with Taylor because he was craving connection. 

The thing that Sid couldn’t forgive is the fact that Hannah “ran away” from LA, blocking every single possible connection to Eli, which means that it wasn’t just a one-time thing. She defintiely had feelings for the guy, and she felt guilty that she acted on them, so she decided the only way to forget about him is to remove him from her life. It doesn’t exactly bode well for her relationship with Sid, nor does it speak to how strong they are as a couple.

At this point, I think it’s fair if they want to take a break and see where they stand without all the pressure of making a marriage work. 

It’s a shame because I liked Hannah and think she would’ve been a great addition to the group if she were present more often. 

And finally, in a shocking turn of events, Valentina and Drew hooked up in the closet—and it was steamy. Obviously, it wasn’t meant to last as this was the very definition of a one time thing, and though we didn’t get to see the aftermath or how it impacted Charlie, adult-Sophie informs her son that it if the hookup didn’t happen, Valentina and Charlie would’ve never had Alex. 

She then whips out—fittingly, from her bra—a photo of her besties as young adults with an adorable son. 

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It’s unclear if the series will get renewed for a third season, but if it does, I can’t wait to explore how Charlie came to the conclusion that he does, in fact, want children. I don’t think it has to do solely with his jealousy after she hooked up with Drew, but also the fact that Charlie was thankful that she helped him work through his childhood trauma. It started with helping him get over his fear of storms, but it was tied to his abandonment issues, which in turn, likely have a lot to do with his desire not to have children of his own. 

Charlie had a change of heart, and based on that photo, it was the right call as they truly are the picture-perfect family. 

For fans of How I Met Your Mother, there were plenty of callbacks to the original, including the inclement weather, the life-changing kiss, the major breakup, and even Sandy Rivers! 

It’s a formula that works—and creates just enough drama to keep fans wanting more. 

As for who the “father” is, well, I wouldn’t be so sure it’s going to end up being Jesse. Prior to the breakup, when Sid tells Hannah that he also had feelings for someone, she questions if it was Sophie, alluding to the fact that Sophie and Sid have chemistry that other people are picking up on. They are great partner in crime, but could they one day be partners in life? With Sid newly single, we can’t count anything out, and for that, I’m hopeful for another season. 

HIMYF might never be HIMYM, but it’s a fun-watch with the cast finding a firmer footing and the jokes landing better than they did in season one, even if its still a bit cheesy. 

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