Dylan Joshua explores a toxic relationship surrounded by sentimental experiences in his awesome R&B hip-hop EP titled “Leave You In The Ends”

We all have various experiences with the places where we are from friendships to jobs to events, and Dylan Joshua delves into these experiences and how he plans to leave his lover as he has outgrown the place he is in as he drops his awesome R&B mixed with hip-hop EP, titled “Leave You In The Ends”. The seven-track EP is his fourth EP overall, following on from “hologramº”, “Lost Travels”, and “Loading”, with his debut release being his 2019 mixtape “Alternate: The Mixtape”. The release of this new EP acts as the follow-up to his lead single taken from this EP, titled “twomanytimes”.

Dylan Joshua emerges as a multifaceted artist who delves deep into the core of his craft, infusing his lyrics and visuals with philosophical introspection. Through his music, he becomes a modern-day philosopher, addressing life’s trials and tribulations with a raw, authentic approach. Amidst an oversaturated music scene, Dylan Joshua’s rugged blend of R&B and hip-hop offers a refreshing contrast, focusing on the reality and emotions of everyday struggles. His artistic journey reflects a departure from conforming to societal norms, shunning the corporate world for a more humane perspective. With over 10 million streams across platforms, Dylan Joshua has garnered a reputation as an elite artist, seamlessly fusing genres while resonating with listeners through his lyrics and relatable themes. Notably, his music has amassed millions of streams with “8-BIT” being his most-streamed track on Spotify at 2.6 million streams, whilst his single “”Delete”” closely follows behind at 1.9 million streams on the platform, marking his ascent as a force to be reckoned with in the musical realm.

Talking about the EP, Dylan Joshua said: “Your ends is the place you’re most familiar with. For anybody. It’s the place you grew up, different spots you used to go to, the different jobs you’ve had, different relationships, different friendships, different eras. It’s the place that shaped you. And I don’t wanna get it twisted, it’s not about where I’m from specifically (Toronto btw) — it’s about the experiences of being in the place you feel like you outgrew. It’s about being in an environment that gets you caught up in cycles and habits. It’s about the lifestyle that the environment brings out. ‘Leave You In The Ends’ is a soundtrack for riding around through your ends and being in your feels.”

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Starting off the EP with “2X Me”, Dylan Joshua starts off with a deep rhythmic rap that hits the beat as he self-reflects on who he is, his past, and previous relationships. His voice is dark which wraps brilliantly around the tempo; yet, when the chorus hits a second time, we hear a prominent woman’s voice who reveals she’s making her own choices, this runs over the top of his subtle vocals. Intristical art in every way, Dylan Joshua showcases his word mastery with an incredible flow, plenty of poetic lines, and his rhythmic sound, what a way to open the “Leave You In The Ends” EP. Next up is his official single, “twomanytimes”, which is instrumentally in-depth with guitars and drums driving the beat. Whereas the first track has a more deep R&B vibe, this one edges more on the hip-hop side, with Dylan Joshua impressing with his vocals, flow, and rap style. Lyrically, he touches on needing space and time away from the person he’s in a relationship with, as it’s currently not working. Highly relatable and in-depth, we totally understand why it was chosen as a single from the EP. “in my head” is next, which is stripped back allowing Dylan Joshua’s vocals to take the spotlight as he dives into mental health and feelings within the mind. After the first section, the beat explodes, giving a fired-up rhythm, picking up the melody from the initial minimal beat and his rap flow. This track brings versatility to the table and truly gives Dylan Joshua the chance to shine vocally and lyrically.

The fourth track on the EP is “bailed (interlude)”, which is just over one minute in length, and sees Dylan Joshua accompanied by a guitar, giving soulful hip-hop as he reflects on how he spiralled when he got into a relationship with a certain someone, and he couldn’t tell if it was real or fake and he thinks about the nights he could’ve bailed. This pure reflection interlude is beyond deep and clearly comes straight from his heart. It’s a thinking track, a song that allows him to contemplate his past, working through it in his head. “can’t you tell” follows next, which sees Dylan Joshua taking the soulful hip-hop vibe from the previous track but instead he’s accompanied by an upbeat addictive rhythm, and his rap flow is stronger as he hits out at how his relationship isn’t working. The sixth track is “drag me” and it continues the guitar-led backing beat from the previous two tracks which really works with his vocals and definitely gives him a distinct signature sound. His slow rap is rhythmic and sonically inducing, full of emotions from the heart as he reflects on pain and the draw and power this person has over him. He ends the EP with “stuck”, and picks up his signature rhythm but changes the instrumentation, giving a more soul vibe as he slows his hip-hop right on down, adding a few vocal runs and turning towards a mainstream R&B vibe. The beaty rhythm hits listeners’ hearts and Dylan Joshua also hits hearts with his brutally honest lyrics about feeling stuck in a relationship that just isn’t working. Highly relatable with vocals that cause chills to every listener, this is literally the perfect track to end the “Leave You In The Ends” EP with Dylan Joshua putting his all into it and meaning every single word.

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“Leave You In The Ends”, by Dylan Joshua, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via Alternate Technologies.

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