Drawing A Blank



It has been nearly a month since I last posted anything on this raggy blog–and I have no excuses for my absense.

No vacation.  No illness.  No dilemma.

Just a lack of ideas, plain & simple.

Maybe it’s the pressure I put on myself combing for the next ‘killer’ concept.  BOOM!–an idea so good it nearly writes itself.


When in reality I’m stuck here with a bunch of weak premises that don’t add up with enough sense to buy a Coke from a vending machine.



For instance, what’s going on with Sylvester Stallone’s eyebrows?  Have you seen him lately?  He has a look of perpetual surprise.  Like the birthday coordinator at Chuck E Cheese.  There’s not that much arch in the shoe department at Dick’s.


See what I mean?  Thinly-veiled ideas.  Flimsy as a banana string.  I can’t devote a whole blog post to something like that…or this…..


Please close me!

Pens.  I have a thing about pens.  Pens laying around that need to be clicked closed.  Drives me crazy seeing a pen waiting for that last click of completion.

Before you put the pen down, use your thumb to give it…one…final…click.  Close that sucker.  Is this too much to ask?

When a pen goes unclicked it dries out, forcing the next user to make that little pen squibble to “jump start” the ink flowing again.


Ugg, so weak.  A weak, pithy idea.  Nothing with enough legs to write a whole post about.  Need some more?…


How about a few ‘In my opinions’…

In my opinion I’m leery of guys who wear cuff links.  I don’t know why, I just am.  They’re like a Bond villian driving a Jag with a machine gun sticking out the front license plate.  Can’t be trusted.

In my opinion Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Pads are over-rated.  I have no use for them.

Lastly, in my opinion brussel sprouts smell great when cooking but I still can’t eat them.  They are not good.


I warned you these were cringe-worthy ideas.  Certainly nothing of note.


Let’s talk tv commercials.

Thee worst.

I do not like the ad for the prescription drug, Jardiance.  No reason but I mute the tv every time.

I don’t need a song & dance number for my meds.  It is so annoying.

The final scene (pictured) rivals the finale of a Broadway play.  It’s a DRUG…not “Oklahoma!”


Not another ad for T-Mobile.

The T-Mobile guy also disturbs me.  At first I thought it was a fake accent.  But he is indeed a British actor.  And a lawyer no less.  Gave up practicing law for the lucrative field of acting.  (He is working though!)

Nothing against him but these T-Mobile ads run nonstop.  Talk about beating a dead horse.


And finally because our lives are centered around automobiles & driving, many commercials reflect that fact.  But the difference, in every commercial, the driver has a huge, shit-eating grin.  Who smiles that much when driving?  I’m too busy swearing & flipping the bird.  I must be doing something wrong.  Or else, my seat doesn’t vibrate.  How can one smile when that SUV just cut you off?  I’ll smile if & when I get home in one piece.


See what I mean about no real concrete ideas?  That’s my problem.  I need to focus.  Or else My Odd Sock will end up in the gutter like a spilled can of Monster.  I’ll hope for the better in the future.  Fingers crossed.  Pen clicked.




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