Donald and Stephen Glover’s Lando Project Will Be a Movie – Jimmy Star’s World

Lucasfilm has confirmed that Donald Glover and his brother Stephen’s project based on the Star Wars character Lando Calrissian will be a film, not a television series, as previously reported.

The news came on Thursday via Variety, which received the confirmation from Lucasfilm. Earlier that day, Stephen — who was an executive producer on Atlanta — indicated that the project has pivoted to being a film while speaking on the podcast Pablo Torre Finds Out. “It’s not even a show… the idea right now is to do a movie,” Stephen explained.

Going further, Stephen clarified that, while making a movie is the goal, the project is in a limbo of sorts at the moment due to the ongoing WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. “Right now, because of the strike, it’s kind of like telephone, all of the information,” he said.

Murmurs of a new Lando project first began spreading in December 2020, when it was reported that Haunted Mansion director Justin Simien was attached to the project. By this past July, though, it was confirmed that the Glover brothers had been tapped to replace Simien, with Variety reporting at the time that the idea was for it to become a Disney+ series. In April, Donald — who first portrayed the character in 2018’s Solo: A Star Wars Story — confirmed that he was in talks to reprise the role.

What fans can expect from the Glover-helmed project isn’t quite clear yet, but Stephen did explain that he and his brother were hoping to continue their streak of taking creative risks. Comparing the Star Wars fan base to the Beyoncé fans who served as the inspiration for the brothers’ recent Prime Video series, Swarm, he supposed that “with something like this, there are going to be people who will really judge you based on it.”

Still, Stephen explained that the brothers want to make something high-quality. “Everything that’s worth doing has some risk to it, especially when you care about the quality of things,” he told Torre. “That’s a big part of us. We don’t want to do things that are just going to be mediocre, like ‘Eh, they came, they went. That was fine enough.’”

Meanwhile, fans from another sphere of the mediaverse can rev up their hopes for the ultimate crossover. Next month, the sequel series to the celebrated ‘90s sitcom, Frasier, will premiere. Meanwhile, in 2018, when he first publicly mused about reprising the role of Lando, Donald stated that he thought it’d be cool to make a movie that’s like “Frasier in Space,” starring Lando in a series of quirky adventures. Could that be the “risk” the Glover brothers are planning on taking? Probably not, but either way, a Lando project from them will surely be interesting.

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