Christine Brown Shares Wedding Date For First Legal Marriage

Could Christine Brown‘s wedding date be just around the corner?

Sister Wives fans know that Christine’s wedding to David Woolley has to be soon. Earlier reports indicated that the pair planned to marry before the end of the summer. That didn’t seem to be the case after all. As far as anyone knows, Christine and David haven’t actually married yet.

Christine hasn’t publicly shared many details about the big day yet, but fans noticed that she did drop hints about the wedding date. See what she had to say and how fans reacted.

Christine Brown drops clues about her wedding date in a livestream

So far, Christine and her family members have managed to keep a lot of the wedding details a secret. Considering how popular she is with fans, many expect TLC to make the wedding a big televised event.

But when exactly is the special day?

Christine Brown and Janelle Brown from Cooking With Just Christine from YouTube
Cooking With Just Christine/YouTube

“6 weeks until Christine’s wedding!” a Redditor shared on the platform this week. They shared a still from a livestream featuring Christine and Mykelti. “Was just on Christine’s live and she says it’s roughly six weeks till her wedding! Whoohoo! Countdown is on.”

Christine Brown and Mykelti Padron, screenshot from GeminiMoonScorpioSun on Reddit

This would put Christine’s wedding in the middle of October. Saturdays are the most common days for weddings, which could mean that Christine’s wedding will be on the 14th, 21st, or 28th. Until she confirms an official date, it’s anyone’s guess. But fans are really excited to learn more about the big day.

“First marriage,” another Redditor snidely wrote in the comments. Although Christine and Kody Brown have six children together, they never were legally married.

“I can’t wait for the photos. I hope she gets the dress of her dreams and the honeymoon she deserves. And of course, a husband who doesn’t act like he is going in front of the firing squad on their wedding day,” another added.

Will fans get to see David onscreen this season?

On this season of Sister Wives, Christine is playing a more subtle role. Onscreen, she’s gone back to Utah and living her best life. So far, she’s shown up to comfort Janelle amid her own split with Kody. It’s not immediately clear if she will have more screentime or not this season, but fans would love to learn more about her dating life.

Apparently, Christine met David Woolley on a dating website for single parents, Stir. It was immediately clear that the pair had an instant connection. After years of neglect from Kody Brown, Christine felt relieved to be with someone who treated her well.

Christine Brown and David Woolley from Instagram
Christine Brown/Instagram

It’s widely believed that Sister Wives Season 18 will cover the span of a year. So it’s possible that David Woolley could make his Sister Wives debut, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Are you excited to learn all the details about Christine and David’s wedding? Leave your own ideas in the comments below.

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