‘Cats materialize in the craziest places’: Woman finds a litter of stray kittens in her ducts, rescues them all by tearing the house to pieces

There’s nothing more devastating than seeing a stray cat on the street and not being able to bring him home with you. Since childhood, every empathic cat lover has dreamt of saving a feral kitty and raising it in the comfort of the home, but more likely than not, the parentals would never allow such a filthy critter beyond the sanctity of the front door. Well, as we all know, sometimes the cat distribution system–the fated random distributor of wild kitties– will sometimes pick you without you even knowing it.

The Cat Distribution System (CDS) sometimes bestows your very own rescue babies past the threshold of the door and straight into the threshold of your heart. 


One TikToker recently discovered that her house was a spawn point for the CDS after she found an entire litter of kittens mewing helplessly just out of reach. Not only was she thrilled at the opportunity to save some cattos, but she was also a little flabbergasted at exactly how far she would have to go to do so. 

After turning on the AC for the first time in her home, Kass, aka @phillyfoodgirl, heard the sounds of kittens from within one of the ducts. She dashed outside to greet one kitten caught on the outside, no doubt sheltering himself from the hot summer day. Little did Kass know that she would find a whole myriad of kimtens as she dove deeper and deeper into the bowels of the house. 

Sporting her very best pspsps, Kass lured a second kitty into view. At that point she wondered, ‘how many more could there be?’

Well, after pulling a couple kities out of the outside ducts, they still heard the calls of a few more inside. They traced the noise of the crying kitty and found that it had climbed up the AC ducts and into a huge air shaft leading to the fire place. Yes, the kitten was trapped in the psuedo-chimney. So naturally, Kass tore apart her entire duct system in order to save that dusty kitty

The family ended up adopting out all of the kittens except the one they found in the fireplace. As it turns out, Murphy (as he would aptly be named), was the one crying baby that they couldn’t resist keeping after their heroic rescue. 

I can’t believe the cat distribution system finally picked us


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