Cameron To Attend “The Abyss” Screening

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NEON announced its BeyondFest line-up yesterday, but one retro screening event has already got people excited.

Filmmaker James Cameron himself will be on hand for a screening of the Special Edition version of his iconic 1989 feature “The Abyss”.

The screening will take place at the Regency Village Theatre in Los Angeles on Wednesday, September 27th at 7pm. Cameron will participate in a Q&A tied to the session.

It begs the obvious question – will this finally see the unveiling of, or at least an announcement of, a 4K UHD digital and disc release of the underwater epic?

Every few months there are rumors of the film coming to Blu-ray and/or 4K but Cameron’s commitments to the “Avatar” sequels have kept him busy. With the strikes halting some elements of that production, maybe the time has now come.

At the last report back in March, producer Jon Landau indicated 4K UHDs of “The Abyss,” “True Lies” “Titanic” and “Avatar” are on the way this year. We got the “Avatar” 4K disc back in June, but the other three are still no-shows at this point.

BeyondFest, meanwhile, will also host other retro screenings with their filmmakers in attendance, including Brad Bird for “The Iron Giant,” Michael Mann for “Manhunter” and Guillermo del Toro for “Pacific Rim”.

Source: Variety

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