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Amy Schumer deleted an Instagram post mocking the way Nicole Kidman sat at the US Open after being accused of “cyberbullying” the actress. The 42-year-old comic faced a huge backlash when she shared a snap of Big Little Lies star Nicole, 56, at the event on Saturday, September 10 in New York.

“This how human sit,” she implied Nicole looked like a robot by captioning the snap.

Amy Schumer Nicole Kidman US Open tweet

Before Amy deleted the post, Instagram users slammed her as everything from “mean” to a “bully.” One told her she was guilty of “mean girl public trolling” while another posted, “Are you cyberbullying Oscar and Emmy winner Nicole Kidman right now?” Another added, “Bringing others down is always a sign of our own internal insecurities anyway, so the critics here should hold a mirror.”

Schumer subsequently deleted the post amid backlash.

After Nicole watched Coco Gauff compete against Aryna Sabalenka on Saturday, she congratulated the 19-year-old on her win via Instagram Stories. She captioned an image of Coco, “Congratulations Coco! Thank you US Open! Great Women’s Final 2023.”

Amy also posted a picture from the sporting event, writing, “Go @cocogauff !!!!”

She and Nicole both wore pink to the match over the weekend, with Schumer sporting a collared shirt and black shorts in the stands with her husband Chris Fischer.

The backlash forced her to take down the post and share another post addressing it.

“I want to apologize to all the people I hurt posting a photo of Nicole Kidman and alluding to her being an alien,” Schumer wrote in her second deleted post. The apology obviously wasn’t meant to be serious and she went on to shade Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher in the process.

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