Adam Newman’s New Condo, New Lady Friend Pending

So far just Nick & Sally have visited Adam Newman’s new condo & each visit is a snooze fest. Adam needs a lady friend PRONTO.

Let’s have Adam Newman break this new real estate in & enjoy…

Adam’s Newman’s New Condo w/ Sally

Other than Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow), Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) has been the most frequent visitor to Adam Newman’s (Mark Grossman) new condo in Genoa City.

Adam’s brother Nick visits Adam Newman’s new condo almost as much as Sally & when he does, Sally is already there almost every time.

Ergo, with Sally already spending this much time at Adam’s & considering this couple’s past, perhaps it’s safe to assume that Sally Spectra will help break in Adam’s new bed.

Adam & Sally kiss on Young & the Restless

After all, that GCAC suite with Nick Newman visiting Sally when he doesn’t have anything else possibly going on has to be getting old…

Adam Newman Hires Phyllis For What?

…then there is Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford). Unlike her counterpart redhead in Genoa City, Sally Spectra, Phyllis has in fact not slept with Adam Newman ever.

Not ever, but however, it could have happened & it still may happen.

As per usual, everyone is hating on Adam. With Phyllis Summers’ recent arrest for murder & her sentence being community service & probation, she’s not popular in Genoa City either.

Phyllis Summers in orange on Y&R.

Adam is hot & lonely. Phyllis is hot & lonely… & now these 2 will be working together.

Perhaps there are some after-hours high-level meetings at Adam Newman’s new Condo that only involve Adam & Phyllis.

Adam Newman Fills In For Kevin Fisher?

New Young & the Restless fans are wondering who Kevin Fisher (Greg Rikaart) even is. Kevin Fisher is Chloe Mitchell’s (Elizabeth Hendrickson) husband & supposedly their children, Bella & Miles’, father.

Before Kevin, Bella, & Miles, Chloe had a daughter with Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson), Dehlia. Dehlia is dead & at least to Chloe & Billy, Adam Newman killed her.

Chloe & Adam on Young & the Restless

Years ago it would not have crossed any Y&R fan’s mind that Chloe & Adam might sleep together, but weirder things have happened in Genoa City.

Obviously, Chloe still hates Adam for what happened to Dehlia, yet she’s managed to somehow play nice… or, at least consistently cordial.

As of late, however, there seems to be some sexual tension between Chloe & Adam each time they cross paths.

Well, when is the last time anyone has seen Chloe’s husband Kevin Fisher, let alone Chloe? It’s not like Kevin has been busy working for the GCPD cracking cases. Heck, even Kevin’s brother Michael Baldwin (Christian LeBlanc) got out of representing Phyllis in her defense of killing Jeremy Stark (James Hyde).

Now Adam finds himself alone & falling back into old patterns. It’s not at all far-fetched that under unique & likely alcohol-influenced circumstances Adam & Chloe could hit the sheets.

Can this hook-up happen just to see Sally Spectra react?!?

Heather Stevens Stays a Little Longer…

Heather Stevens (Vail Bloom) is staying a little longer in Genoa City, but where?…

Heather Stevens at Society on Y&R

Only so many Genoa City residents can be sleeping single in a double bed inside the Genoa City Athletic Club. It just so happens that Adam Newman has a place of his own again & is not connected with a lady intimately.

Could it be that Heather & Adam end up doing some business after hours of their own?

While there isn’t obvious sexual tenstion present with Adam & Heather quite yet, it’s almost for sure brewing.

Sally has denied Adam for the time being. It’s clear that Daniel Romalotti (Michael Graziadei) still has feelings for Heather & Heather may still have feelings for Daniel, but Daniel is already acting on the feelings he has for Lily Winters (Christel Khalil).

Then there is the Phyllis factor… Both Adam & Heather helped free Phyllis. Without Adam & Heather’s efforts, Phyllis would not be available or out of the clink to work for Adam… & So, something more for Adam & Heather to chat about…

No, No, No… Only Business w/ Sharon

Now SNA Media is in full force, sort of, with Sharon Newman (Sharon Case), Nick, & Adam.

Sharon & Adam have managed to find their way back to one another over & over throughout the years. Young & the Restless fans have seen this movie over & over & another viewing will just be too much.

May as well put Adam back together with Chelsea Lawson (Melissa Claire Egan) as well. Seriously…

Sharon, Adam, Chelsea on Young & the Restless

Adam & Sharon have become good friends & have watched out for one another over at least the last handful of years. Let’s keep them friends & business associates as long as they can tolerate one another alongside Nick at SNA Media.

Adam Newman’s New Condo, New Lady

Y&R fans, do you like Adam Newman’s new condo? Will Adam’s condo be a new safe place for Adam & Chelsea’s son Connor.

Finally, who do you think Adam Newman’s next lady friend should be??

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